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stakes n : the money risked on a gamble [syn: stake, bet, wager]

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  1. Plural of stake.
  2. That which is wagered (at stake) in a gamble.

Verb form

  1. Third-person singular of stake.


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Stake may refer to:
  • In business, a stake is a share of ownership of a company.
  • Stake: Fortune Fighters, the 2003 Xbox game
  • Stake (Latter Day Saints), an administrative unit of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and other Latter Day Saint denominations
  • Stake (lawn game) is a popular lawn game played by 2 or more persons by throwing a metal spike in to the ground.
  • Sudis (stake), field fortification carried by Roman legionaries
  • In folklore and mythology, a wooden stake, like silver bullets, have special powers to kill monsters via impalement. See vampire, werewolf
  • Execution by burning, to ancient Christians, a stake was a pole to which people accused of heresy or witchcraft were tied and "burned at the stake"
  • In gambling, a stake is the quantity of money or other goods that is risked on the outcome of some specific event
    • As a result, many horse races' names end in the word "Stakes", causing metaphoric usages such as "an animal winning the reproduction stakes".
  • A torture stake, a method of execution similar to crucifixion using a single pole or stake in lieu of a cross, killing the victim by asphyxiation. See impalement.
  • A stake is a long, pointed object thrust into the ground. Stakes have many applications, such as demarcating a small plot of land, anchoring guy ropes for a tent or other portable structure, or slowly releasing fertilizer to aid the growth of plants, and in mythology slaying a vampire
  • A stake is a polished iron shape, very firmly mounted, used by silversmiths in the manner of a blacksmith's anvil
  • "Stakes" is the established acronym for the official research bureau of welfare and health in Finland.


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